Network and Relationship Building: Growing and Managing Your Professional Relationships

Network and Relationship Building webinar.

March 16th from 12 – 1 pm CST hosted by our employee assistance program, Workplace Solutions EAP called Network & Relationship Building: Growing and managing your professional relationships.

In this webinar, managers will learn how to:

  • What networking opportunities exist and why might they be of value to you and to your organization
  • What is effective selling vs. traditional selling at networking events
  • What do you have to offer others at networking events
  • Create a game plan for the networking event to ensure you’re prepared and that you achieve your goals
  • Learn ancillary skills for interacting with others at events
  • Learn about the “art of small talk”; craft a 30-second elevator speech to let others know what you can offer them
  • Stay connected with people you’ve networked with so you can continue to build relationships with them

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