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Employee Vision Protection

Did you know that vision insurance promotes overall good health? Eye exams are considered preventative care and regular visits to an eye doctor will not only ensure vision correction needs, but eye doctors can often detect early signs of serious health issues. Early detection of issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, some cancers, autoimmune diseases, thyroid issues and high cholesterol may significantly reduce medical care costs.

While those needing vision correction may visit the eye doctor annually, the Mayo Clinic recommends all adults visit the eye doctor as follows:

Ages 20-39:Every 5-10 years
Ages 40-54:Every 2-4 years
Ages 55-64:Every 1-3 years
Ages 65+:Every 1-2 years

It’s no wonder vision insurance is the most commonly sought after benefit after medical and dental insurance. Employer-based plans can be extremely affordable, or an organization can choose to offer it on a voluntary basis where the employee pays the full premium. Our reputable vision carriers will create a vision plan to suit your employee needs.

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