Create the Best Virtual Open Enrollment

As the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and other government entities update their COVID-19 policies, business owners continue to adjust the way they do business. One of the many ways businesses adapted to changes throughout the pandemic was offering a virtual open enrollment. Instead of virtual open enrollment being a short-term adjustment, organizations found it efficient and, in some cases, a better way to conduct open enrollment meetings. If you’re considering hosting a virtual open enrollment, check out these tips on how to make it the most successful.

1. Understand the needs of your employees

Throughout the pandemic, many employees experienced hardships. There may be hesitation or fear to return to the office in case there’s a chance of contracting the virus. Preventive care and ensuring your employee’s safety should always be top priority. If their changing needs includes a virtual open enrollment, consider making that change. Having a strong benefits plan and addressing employees’ concerns, shows compassion in the culture of your company. Being fully aware of benefit offerings establishes trust.

2. Answer employee’s questions

When explaining benefits, offer opportunities for employees to have their questions answered. This may be accomplished through open enrollment group meetings, individual meetings, training videos, or informational emails such as Q&As. The goal is to ensure everyone feels confident about open enrollment

3. Use the right technology

Sometimes benefits enrollments are not straightforward, contain a variety of choices, or come with a wealth of information. Create a video to excite your employees to attend open enrollment. Introduce a speaker who will begin the meeting. Consider recording the event for those that are unable to attend live so they can review. Research interactive benefit enrollment tools. There are a lot of options, so choose what works best for your employees.

4. Organize the information

When going through a virtual open enrollment, organize the information you present according to what’s most popular to your employees. Benefit offerings to highlight in succession may include:

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Company sponsored (Life Insurance/Disability/etc.)
  • Voluntary 

If your online benefits enrollment system goes through plans one at a time, perhaps organize your informational packets in the same order. The goal is to make enrollment seamless and easy for your employees to follow.

5. Allow Feedback

The beauty of hosting a virtual event is that you can keep track of the results! It’s easier to track engagement, record attendees, and create surveys asking about the experience to make improvements for the future. Overall, seek ways for employees to receive the support they need to encourage participation in your benefits plans.

Open enrollment is the perfect opportunity to establish trust and showcase some of the benefits of working for your organization. There are many creative ways to make your virtual open enrollment meeting just as successful as your previous in-person meetings. By understanding the needs of your employees and addressing them within your benefits package, organizing your information and utilizing the proper technology – you can make your event a success!

Benefits Solutions Group has experience working with groups of all sizes. Our Benefits Specialists take pride in the ability to handle large and small groups with the individual attention needed from benefits orientation through claims processing.

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